HEY DJ:Johnny Love
                                                       home base:Chicago
                                                       style:Post-electroclash electro, acid house, turn of the
                                                                    century Chicago industrial, italian disco, jack tracks,
                                                                    92 belgian hardcore, '77 disco
                                                       equipment:Laptop computer, 120gb external harddrive, 12-pack of
                                                                        ultra-thin condoms
                                                       productions:None as of yet, but most importantly, I produce
                                                                          experiences, and if those experiences produce a
                                                                          baby, well that damn kid isnt mine anyway.
                                                       mixtapes:(CDs) Sex Cells, The eXXXperience, Guilty Pleasures
                                                       first party djed:Juke-a-Thon 3, Southside of Chicago
                                                       best party djed:Jerkstore grand opening October 8th 2004, 
                                                                              600 post-rave and Wicker park scenesters 
                                                                              freaking out to disco.
                                                       favorite musical artists:Giorgio Moroder, Ron Hardy, James Chance,
                                                                                       Bobby Orlando, Patrick Cowley, Claudio Simonetti,
                                                                                       Kraftwerk, Armando Gallop, Lime, Atomly,
                                                                                       HIdden Variable, Mahjongg, Jeffrey Sfire,
                                                                                       Billy Dalessandro
                                                       advice for aspiring djs:Talent gets you nowhere, give up.
                                                       dream dj gig:Rimini, Italy in 1985, Music Box circa 1983,
                                                                           Medusas circa 1990, the Hacienda circa 1988,
                                                                           A dirty loft in either early '90s Wicker Park
                                                                           or early '80s New York during the first wave
                                                                           of No-Wave, and a squat rave on the west coast
                                                                           of Holland.
                                                       career highlight:The highlight of my career happens every time
                                                                               I meet a girl who knows who I am, and shortly
                                                                               thereafter take her home with me.
                                                       current chart: audion/pong [spectral]
                                                                             vitalic/fanfares [citizen]
                                                                             woody mcbride/flights departing(nee and shreve mix) [kompute]
                                                                             matt french+lee chameleon/chathode ray tube [surveillance]
                                                                             lcd soundsystem/yeah [dfa]
                                                                             junior senior/shake your coconuts (dfa remix) [atlantic]
                                                                             the hacker+ian clark/flesh and bone [pias]
                                                                             rex the dog/frequency [kompakt]
                                                                             jesper dahlback/astridson [blank]
                                                                             pixeltan/getup/saywhat [dfa]