friday october 29th
                                         the opaque project and ghostly international present:
                                         SINS OF THE FATHER/CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE

                                         KILL MEMORY CRASH ghostly international
                                         For over 10 years, Alex and Adam of Chicago's Kill Memory Crash have been developing
                                         their own blend of dark electronic music without major release, until now. Having
                                         started their musical career in Detroit, Kill Memory Crash began performing at raves
                                         and warehouse parties in the mid-to-late 90's, slowly translating their leftfield
                                         influences into their own cryptic language. Standing on the dividing lines between
                                         techno and other musics forced the duo to develop their own style and early works
                                         resembled dark chasms of industrial noise. Their indifference to the popular styles
                                         of the day led them into an almost self-imposed exile from the music business and
                                         only extremely limited vinyl pressings ever surfaced. Alex and Adam have honed their
                                         music to its current state, a sinister blend of industrial, ambient and IDM, working
                                         away at the boundaries that held them as outsiders until now.

                                         JAMES T COTTON ghostly international/spectral sound
                                         At the same time that Dabrye emerged from Tadd Mullinix's mind, so did the James
                                         Cotton alias. The debut EP Mind Your Manners (Fall 2001) came out like a strange
                                         techno oddity with a title track featuring vocalist Chiann Tsui teaching good
                                         manners to kids in Mandarin Chinese. Tracks from the EP found their way on to many
                                         a mix CD, from John Tejada to Magda. 
                                         Not one to be pigeonholed, Cotton's work became darker with his heavy "Dance Mix" 
                                         of Charles Manier's "Bang Bang Lover" and the monolithic EBM monster of "I Seek"
                                         from Spectral's State of the Union EP. His follow-up Buck! EP is like a shot of
                                         caffeine, bathed in classic techno and Belgian new beat influence. The Press Your
                                         Body EP paved the way for his dark and hypnotic debut fulll-length, The Dancing Box.

                                         HIDDEN VARIABLE kompute, HOR, uppercut
                                         Hidden Variable is the work of asterproducer Nathaniel Shreve. With his honest and 
                                         gritty style of Molotov cocktail laced dance, Hidden Variable seeks to mirror the 
                                         moods of those of us no longer living in an abandoned era. With 17 releases to date 
                                         and a belief in the physical expression of soul content through sound, the Hidden 
                                         Variable live PA is a rare gem to be heard.                                        

                                         JOHNNY LOVE the opaque project
                                         Dionysian mastermind and debaucherous wunderkind, Johnny Love is equally loved 
                                         and hated, loved by women, and hated by their boyfriends.

                                         Currently on tour with scape one, the dangerously beautiful subk will set the mood
                                         for the evening off right with her delicious musical tastes.

                                         MARLON MONTEZ the opaque project
                                         purveyor of fine sleaze funk, the right hand to the body of sin

                                         starts @ 10pm
                                         free beer duh
                                         if you are old enough to drive, you are old enough to party