the REAL jack

saturday september 20th a night of educational sessions provided by some of the most highly qualified instructors in chicago TRAXX soul foundation kollective, international deejay gigolos Words cannot describe, as his sessions must been seen and heard to be truly appreciated. Traxx concentrates the energy and passion of a diverse array of musical textures into an experience that unites crowds in a shared euphoric release. Melvin, who grew up and currently resides in the windy city of Chicago, started listening to music at an early age. His earliest influences included Gospel, Soul & Jazz. From there, he discovered Disco, Hip-Hop, Nu Wave, Industrial and early House. He has seen and lived the evolution and development of House music, since it's inception. Because of this experience, he truly understands the nature and language behind the sound Julian Karn aka CASPER vs Nick Foxx aka SNUGGLES strictly new wave chicago prior to becoming known for pushing jungle in chicago, the midwest, and the entire united states, Casper and Snuggles played the sweet sounds of their youth, italo disco, new wave, synth pop, and tonight, they're going to show you an EXTREMELY RARE glimpse into how it was back in the day. HUGO MOYA snap mode, relief records, green velvet One of the driving forces behind the Chicago group Green Velvet, Hugo Moya brings his acid house bloody knuckle set tonight. The anthem "Assimilate" on the snap mode EP relased on relief records sets the standard for club freak robotic beats. Hugo Moya's solo career finds him behind the turntables at the nation's top events. Get down and freak it up! TRANCID alcatraz, radio ARTE From playing banquet hall parties, house vs new wave parties to being a resident dj at legendary club ALCATRAZ and opening for acts like Front 242 and Anything Box, Trancid has proven long ago that he knows what it takes to work the dancefloor. JOHNNY LOVE aka GIANNI MORODER aka THE ACID JACK nude chicago a driving force in the chicago electro scene, the love machine is ready to serve an educational session including italo disco, electro funk, acid freakouts, jack trax, dirty disco, and techno mayhem. LIVEWIRE treehouse collective fusing the sounds of electro, filter disco, techno, booty breaks and idm, bring your sweatbands because livewire is gonna give you a workout. MIKE KUSZYNSKI plane recordings he is very contemplative as we can clearly observe $5 before 11pm FREE BEER FOR THOSE OF AGE $10 after starts @ 9pm @ the swayze compound 2244 w 23rd pl