DJ AND PARTY PRIMA DONNA JOHNNY LOVE TRASH TALKS HIS WAY
                                                          THROUGH OUR 25 QUESTIONS

                                                         Bringing the dirty disco and electro sleaze has never been easy, but
                                                         Johnny Love has garnered a reputation both as a taste-making(or
                                                         breaking) performer and as one of the best party throwers this city
                                                         has to offer. In addition to one-off loft fetes, Love hosts the
                                                         second thursday soiree each month at Liars Club "Scared to Dance"

                                                         Name: Don Juan Del Amore, or more commonly referred to as Johnny Love
                                                         Where are you from? Southside

                                                         Where do you live? Look at me, where else would I live? Wicker Park

                                                         If you could live anywhere else, where would it be? Milan

                                                         First record: ABBA Ė Voulez-Vous

                                                         What kind of music did you listen to when you were growing up?
                                                         Disco, Cumbia, Italo Disco (or Hi-NRG as my cousins called it),
                                                         Freestyle, hip house, early techno pop (a la technotronic)

                                                         What kind of music do you listen to now, when youíre not on the job?
                                                         I play what I listen to, with probably the exception of the Conan
                                                         the Destroyer Soundtrack and Swedish Death Metal

                                                         What instrument(s) do you play? The Grafenberg Spot

                                                         How long have you been playing? From what Iíve heard, it seems like
                                                         Iíve been playing it for years

                                                         Favorite album: kenny g- ballads in the key of g

                                                         Favorite musicians/musical groups/DJs: Giorgio Moroder, James
                                                         Chance, Bobby Orlando, Liquid Liquid, Lime, Patrick Cowley, everyone
                                                         else in Chicago whos playing new and refreshing (read: not lounge)
                                                         music i.e. Matt Nee, Atomly, Mahjongg, Hidden Variable, Jeffrey
                                                         Sfire, Billy Dalessandro, the Meiotic guys, the Ghostly label, Hugo

                                                         Worst job youíve ever had: Being a DJ, stop trying to give me free
                                                         drinks already!

                                                         Guilty musical pleasure: What are you talking about? All of my
                                                         musical tastes are superb and approved by pitchfork media.

                                                         Best/Worst/Most Embarrassing club/DJ story: Worst: Playing in the
                                                         basement of the A-zone to my friend Dirtwolf riding around on a
                                                         bicycle Most Embarrassing: Iím never embarrassed, though some of the
                                                         outfits people wear to these parties are embarrassing, what were
                                                         they thinking?

                                                         5 essential records: Armando Ė World Unknown, Dinosaur L Ė Go Bang,
                                                         James Chance & The Contortions Ė Contort Yourself, Scotch Ė Penguins
                                                         Invasion, Nitzer Ebb - Murderous

                                                         Where do you get your musical inspiration from? The aforementioned
                                                         favorite musicians/groups, though most importantly, I get my
                                                         lifestyle inspiration from every band that made good and creative
                                                         use of their groupies, and Rodney Dangerfield, RIP

                                                         Favorite place to play/DJ and why: sweet 16s and prom afterparties,
                                                         for obvious reasons, Depot and Jaime Valentino know firsthand.

                                                         Favorite club/bar and why: Iím not really a fan of any, though I 
                                                         find myself ending up at Rodan, Sonotheque, and Crobar when Red 
                                                         Hair Matt is bartending semi often.

                                                         The moment you knew your music was much more than just a hobby: When
                                                         I realized that I enjoyed getting laid from status whores, wait,
                                                         that is my hobby, actually, when I realized that I was obsessive
                                                         about learning the history of the music I listen to.

                                                         What do you miss most about home when youíre travelling to gigs? The
                                                         booty calls/texts I get from the girls back home.

                                                         Best part of your job: Sticking it in groupies, duh.

                                                         Worst part of your job: You, When is this interview over? I have
                                                         somewhere to be.

                                                         What keeps you going? What makes you continue with music? Wheres my
                                                         agent, I donít have to deal with this.

                                                         What were you doing 5 years ago? Pauly? Ty? where are you, get this
                                                         imbecile away from me.

                                                         Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? This interview is over;
                                                         thank your girlfriend for me.

                                                         for more info on Mr. Love, visit www.theopaqueproject.com