DIRTY TALK @ LAVA every first friday
                                       no cover/$2 schlitz/$3 sparks
                                       residents:johnny love and biobooster
                                       eight-five-nine n damen ave

                                       RIP LAVA MARCH 2006

                                       past dirty talks
                                       3.3.2006: shannon jefferson, miss michaela
                                       2.3.2006: turbotito of ima robot/junior senior
                                       1.6.2006: casper new wave set, kevin mcswane disco set
                                       12.2.2005: submerge 101 freestyle set, disco cesario of electric love, brendonna
                                       11.25.2005: ADULT. dj set, adam dorfman
                                       10.28.2005: j2k + autobot = FLOSSTRADAMUS
                                       9.23.2005: steve poindexter, heiroglyphic being
                                       8.26.2005:atomly.atomiq/opaque,ian hicks.opaque 
                                       opening night july 22nd 2005:monologic.LIVE