C H I C A G O   A N T I S O C I A L
by Liz Armstrong

"..Later, at a birthday celebration for John Dal Santo--who's known for the parties he and his roommates keep
throwing in their Wicker Park loft no matter how many times the cops bust them, and for his sleazy,
girl-friend-stealing alter ego, Johnny Love--I stole a bottle of cheap sauvignon blanc that tasted like mustard.
  The scene there was no less strained than the one at the MCA.  The only lighting was a red strobe
shining on a disco ball overhead, which made it feel like the first real rave I've been to since I was 17;
Johnny kept pouring champagne all over everyone as he danced on a window ledge; and, subtlest of all,
girls paid admission on a sliding scale according to how much clothing they were wearing--several young
ladies were dancing around in their bras and panties."